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entertaining since 1990 we move with the times and inspire to set trends
as a record label we believe in people and like to bring out the best in everyone who pass through our doors....pushing new boundaries, thinking outside the box from start to finish to offer a wider variety of service.



Professional studio and all the equipment used from guitars to drums and keyboards.



Stevie Gee
Born in London. Started out his musical career in the late 80’s
sitting in his and friends bedrooms writing lyrics
and spitting on the mic to Underground music and at every opportunity chatting on the mic at parties
which soon led him to the world of real producers and innovators.
Getting his voice heard didn’t take long and he was signed to Bermuder triangle in the early nineties featuring on some of their releases and appeared on Jonny Biscuit Record label. His musical bug became stronger and stronger, Stevie couldn’t get enough of the studio life and began the long journey to becoming a fully-fledged producer in 1999, buying his first DAW (cubase) spending hour’s, months, and years perfecting his craft. Stevie’s musical interests are vast, his eclectic writing style is second to none, his ears honed and his mind clear, he found music a pure form, learning presence and power.
He can DJ, produce and write lyrics in many forms and loves anything different and edgy. He came to find solace in a different environment outside of London and it has helped his creativity in many forms. His energetic approach is contagious to all who step into his world, his work method is second to none and his drive is an inspiration to all who come into his circle. Over the last 2 and a half years Stevie has been ‘giving back’ to the youth in his area by volunteering his equipment and time,
realizing that for music to grow, skills have to be shared, as he knows, knowledge is power. We hope you enjoy his material and many good vibes to come.