The Studio.

State of the art equipment, all top brands that along with the producer make top quality music.

Our Studio.

Our studio comprises of analog and digital and consists of the following:
Windows 10 proffesional,Water Cooled i7 intel system PC Fully Loaded 32gig RAM,
Mackie D8b 72 track fully loaded Digital/ Analogue Desk
Focusrite saffire 56 audio card,
Monkey banana turbo 8s,and a turbo 10 Sub
Kaosilator Pro Pluss
Novation Bass station
Novation Ultranova
Access virus B

Yamaha motif XF8 (fully loaded)
Lexicon MPX 500- 24 bit
TC Helicon vioce works
Fostex DV2424 hard disk recorder
Behringer multicom pro
Alesis DMIO studio drum kit
Cahon By Macker.

Boss 505 looper
Line 6 POD XT Live
Pioneer DDJ T1
Pioneer CDJ 800s
Behringer DJM 4000
Traktor Scratch
Traktor Pro
TC Electronics 96K.